Attending church by dropping anchor

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My national park trip was wonderful, besides the part where I drove 50 miles of scenic highway before realizing it made much more sense to retrace my steps to the main interstate. I attended a worship service next to curious deer and ate an entire package of Chips Ahoy.

Luckily, the faith beat stayed calm until I could file my long article about the trip. After I hit ‘submit,’ I was off to the races on several other projects.

As researching for one upcoming article, I attended a meditation community’s monthly meeting. Around 80 people met in an old literary club, chatting and hugging before transitioning to deep breathing and reflection. I was an observer rather than a participant, but I left feeling like I had a contact high — it was a spiritual transformation, of sorts. Wish me luck capturing that experience in a few short paragraphs.


Many faith leaders are unprepared to help people near death


River pilgrimage takes paddlers on a 400-mile spiritual question, Associated Press

Wrangling South Carolina worshippers in unconventional settings, The Post and Courier

When covering up becomes trendy, Tablet


Okay, I admit that the only connection this essay has to the faith beat is that it’s partly inspired by Turkey’s Hagia Sophia. But I love it and you should, too!

I finally went on the honeymoon I’d always dreamed of — alone, The Washington Post


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