Monthly Archives: May 2013

Lessons I Hope to (Finally) Learn This Year

Earlier this week, I turned 23. While rarely noted among the great birthdays of one’s life, I anticipated this age change for much of my twenty-second year, which proved to be a period of uncomfortable adjustments and, at times, loneliness. 23 is meant to be my breath of fresh air, begun with a summer of writing […]

Lost & Found

Wednesday morning I awoke with my teeth clenched, feeling the aftershocks of a singing competition in my dreams. Though my subconscious had done a shabby job of fixing my less than enviable voice, it wasn’t my squawking that caused my REM cycle distress. Instead, it was my dream self’s recognition that I could have spared […]

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Today, my Facebook feed is full of the claims of a competitive bunch of Millennials who can’t imagine a mother as perfectly superb as their own. Though superlatives are the stuff of my everyday speech, this post isn’t about saying that Marsha Dallas is the best, the strongest, the “est”-iest of all the world’s moms. […]