In the shadow of Sutherland Springs

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This week started with one of the worst news alerts I could imagine: Nearly 50 men, women and children were killed or injured in the middle of a worship service. Six days later, the church building is slated for demolition, there are crosses set up to honor the dead and many Americans are still speechless about where to go from here.

If you poke around on Twitter this morning, or on websites for big papers like The New York Times or The Washington Post, you may not find much about Sutherland Springs, Texas. Important articles about gun access and mourning have a way of sinking down the page, being replaced by the latest news from the White House or Hollywood.

But, if you have a few minutes to spare this weekend, I encourage you to seek out the articles written over the last week about church shootings and calls for peace. I have been stunned by the beautiful work produced by my faith beat colleagues, as well as comforted and inspired.


With the threat of violence looming, are sanctuaries still a place of peace?

Briefs filed in Supreme Court case describe rejection, harm experienced by LGBTQ community


The quiet religious-freedom fight that is remaking America, The Atlantic

Inside a Sikh motorcycle club, Teresa Mathew for BuzzFeed News

Texas church to be demolished, like other mass killing sites before it, Religion News Service


Here’s the most intriguing article I read this week. It’s not about faith, but it has religious implications.

How to hire fake friends and family, The Atlantic


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