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Incredible spin on the search for God in everyday life wrapped in a prose poetry package.

The Politics of Poverty, pt. 1

In less than two months, America will head to the polls. And, as in all presidential elections, this November 6 will be about much more than the two men whose names will appear on the ballot. Casting a vote means subscribing to a certain ideology, a vision for where the next four years will lead. […]

Dear diary…

I’m on the pursuit of happiness, baby.

“The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.” -Benjamin Franklin ┬áTake a moment to consider this photograph. Study the smiles, the hands, the baby who doesn’t seem to appreciate this joyous little mob. I can almost hear this photograph.┬áThe shrieks of laughter. Overlapping voices […]

Are you there iPhone? It’s me, Kelsey.

Woken up again by 5 a.m. demons, it was the iPhone on my bedside table I reached for and not to God in prayer. For what do now-I-lay-me-down-to-sleeps mean to someone who can sift through twilight tweets and instagrammed images of star-filled skies? An ever-present God has been replaced by an over-stimulating pocket-sized piece of […]

At the County Fair, 1956

A poem by Charles Darling For a nickel, a machine called An Expression of Faith would take your dime and squash it. All tubes and gears and lights, the thing would groan, squeak, fart, smoke, and finally drop a little silver oval in your hands, hot as a pistol, with Jesus’s face on one side […]

Seeking the end of the story

Religious studies scholar Charles H. Long calls religion a personal orientation to the world, an effort at coming to terms with one’s place in the universe. This idea, that religion brings significance to the mundane ordinariness of the average person’s life, feels right, especially to someone who has stood in Marquand Chapel at Yale Divinity […]