Stained glass in the spotlight

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Let’s mix things up this week with a list of interesting things that happened:

  1. I broke a nail on a paperback book.
  2. I finished a book about weather science and hurricanes.
  3. My puppy got her first Thundershirt.
  4. I interviewed someone who traveled to Africa with a new fling she’d only know for two months.
  5. I watched CSPAN as article research. (Uggh. Boring.)
  6. I put over-easy eggs on top of nachos.
  7. I caught SLC’s new Catholic bishop recycling jokes. (And still laughed.)

Life comes at you fast!


Want to build interfaith friendships? Here’s how music can help

The role religious freedom played in Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing


Mike Pence, finding God and the shifting agenda of Christian music festivals, The Guardian

Creating the world’s largest stained glass window, Quartz

Artsy-craftsy booze is giving Kentucky rabbis a headache, The Wall Street Journal

How does life live? The New York Times (Video)


What the booming growth of the ‘Cowboy Church’ can teach start-ups, Quartz



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