Should secular churches have priests?

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Help! I’m buried under a pile of deadlines and I’ll never get out!

I like to compare a religion reporter’s last two weeks before Easter to Finals week in college — there’s always something work-related I could be doing. I’ve got two articles on adultery bouncing around my brain, and a (pretty fun) Holy Week project left to organize. And on the fast approaching horizon, there’s an Easter feature and a local religious liberty conference.

These are all cool undertakings in their own way, but it’s a shame they had to come all at once. Wish me luck staying ahead of the avalanche (and not eating a whole pie from stress.)


What counts as a church? Supreme Court’s pension case asks big question

Does believing in God make you a better American?


The atheists struggling to find therapists in the Bible Belt, The Atlantic

Selling Judaism, religion not included, Bloomberg Businessweek

Clergy who don’t believe in organized religion? Humanists think 2017 is their time to grow, The Washington Post


Religious shrine proposes illuminated “Nuns Crossing” sign, Associated Press


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