Fun on the faith beat + a comedy recommendation

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Hey everybody, I had an awesome week! My latest cover story on Catholic immigrants hit newsstands; I wrote two articles about faith and politics; and it was 70 degrees in Salt Lake City almost every day.

My next big project won’t be published for a month, so I have more time than normal for research and interviews. Along with one of my colleagues, I’m doing a deep-dive into adultery and thinking about how technology changes the temptation to cheat. We’re still looking for couples to speak with who have either overcome adultery or put specific rules in place online in order to prevent it. If you have someone in mind, send them my way.

I know that some of my readers are still suffering through winter weather, so I wish them luck staying warm this weekend. It’s almost spring!


How a church transforms immigrants and immigrants transform a church

Religious outreach at the State Department in flux under Trump


Why is the Vatican at a tech conference? BBC News

A children’s museum surprise blockbuster: A show on Islam, The New York Times

The risks of making religion relatable, The Atlantic


I’ve got a comedy special recommendation for you: Thank God for Jokes from Mike Birbiglia (It’s on Netflix.) He’s a lapsed Catholic who draws on his early religious experiences for some of his material. I spent an hour shrieking with laughter from it, which scared my small dog.


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