Happy birthday, newsletter!

Here’s my January 28 newsletter. To received my latest articles, favorite religion reads and other updates in your inbox each Saturday, sign-up here

It’s been one year since I started sending weekly updates about my writing, my travels and my animal children! Thanks for coming along for the ride.

I love birthdays, anniversaries and new years because they’re milestones that inspire reflection and spark innovations. I’m proud of the articles I wrote last year and also ready to embrace new challenges, like local features and long-term, investigative projects.

One of my major goals for the year ahead is to evolve into a multimedia journalist, rather than just a writer. I’m learning how to design web graphics and record podcasts, and I also want to start taking my own iPhone videos to upload with articles. Luckily, my whole organization is trying to make this transition, so I’m not out on this limb alone. Wish me luck and send your favorite interactive articles my way.

Thanks again for your support!


What pastors, professional athletes and other leaders can do to heal divides

Why these LDS women took part in Women’s March events


How accurate is ‘The young Pope?’ The Hollywood Reporter

Mary Tyler Moore turned the world on to fully imagined Jewish characters, JTA

These monks have a calling: Making fresh cheese in India, NPR

Suit alleges anti-clergy sex abuse group got kickbacks from lawyers, The Boston Globe


Remember my big Italy adventure in September? I couldn’t bring readers with me, but an update to the Vatican Museums website is making virtual tours much easier.

Check out the Catholic Herald’s full story on this exciting news: Vatican Museums open doors wider.


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