A religiously rich inauguration

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Hello from gloomy, snowy Salt Lake City,

I’ve got interfaith activities on my mind this morning, as I watch for news about today’s presidential prayer service in Washington National Cathedral. Imams, rabbis, Christian pastors, Sikh leaders and others will share reflections on effective leadership.

I got a taste of that kind of event (and some yummy Indian food!) at an interfaith luncheon this week. It was fascinating to hear the heads of Salt Lake faith communities talk about their beliefs on religious freedom. More importantly, I saw how excited everyone was to share a meal with each other and learn from each other. It was a nice reminder of the real people involved in the work I explore in articles.


Q&A: Salt Lake’s new Catholic bishop embraces the special challenges of Catholicism in the U.S.

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Five trends to watch in religion in 2017: Culture wars, compounds and the next reformation, USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture

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Christians say Hollywood ignores them, but they ignore great films about faith, Tyler Huckabee, The Washington Post

Why some religions, like Mormons, sing, The Economist


Here’s the inauguration story you didn’t know you needed.


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