God is unverified

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My head is spinning after a hectic week. Utah is buzzing with interfaith activities, and the national scene is moving at a breakneck pace, too!

It’s getting harder to relax at the end of my work day because my favorite social media sites are full of articles ideas I should pursue. I’ve been taking refuge in books, Mario Kart and comedy shows.

Good luck staying on top of the news cycle, readers. And enjoy Super Bowl weekend!


Faithfully engaging the immigration debate in the age of Trump

What you need to know about the leaked draft of a religious freedom executive order


Facebook unverified the God Facebook page and no one knows what life is anymore, BuzzFeed News

How the Catholic mood about the Trump administration shifted in just a week, America

Trump said he’ll ‘totally destroy’ the Johnson Amendment. What is it and why should people care? The Washington Post

Bearing burdens after Obamacare: The future of Christian health care sharing, Christianity Today


New archaeological find suggests Mary Magdalene was actually a size 12, The Onion


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