Priest enrollment is up

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Many of my journalist friends took to Facebook and Twitter this week to complain about the speed of the news cycle lately. Every day brings unexpected, election-related breaking news, and religion writers are caught in the fray.

As you’ll see in the “Fresh off the press from me” section, I didn’t write on Trump or Clinton in the last five days. But I did spend many hours on Twitter, collecting pointers on investigative journalism, while also praying for the end of election season to come quickly.

This week’s newsletter isn’t free of politics, but it only includes one, hilarious election article. I hope you enjoy the reprieve and find other ways to decompress from the chaos of current events this weekend!


Q&A: How culture wars eventually bring Americans closer together

Faith leaders, including LDS presiding bishop, call on Obama, Congress to reject controversial religious liberty report

The value of bridging the gap between faith-based charities and religious ‘nones’


What does the future of the pro-life movement look like? Slate

Pope Francis effect? Priest enrollment strong at seminary,

As scientists cross new frontiers, a geneticist seeks allies among the faithful, STAT

The unverifiable legend of the early 20th-century preacher who raised 14 people from the dead, Atlas Obscura

The professor who wore a hijab in solidarity then lost her job, New York Times Magazine


The nose knows: President Obama proved he’s not a demon by smelling his arm.

Check out The Huffington Post’s coverage of this ridiculous moment in American political history.



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