The Jewish New Year

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I’m hoping to do more articles tied to the Salt Lake City community in the coming months, so this week I attended a lecture held at the public library. Stephen Prothero, known for his work on religious literacy, spoke about culture wars and I frantically live-tweeted his many quotable moments.

One of his main arguments was that culture wars over issues like same-sex marriage are not really between people of faith and the secular community. Instead, they’re between more conservative believers and more liberal believers. That may be a head-scratcher, but it’s backed up by religion research on how different denominations feel about Muslims, abortion and other hot-button topics.

Going to events like Prothero’s speech inspires me to be more thorough in my writing. In my own little way, I can translate high-level conclusions like his and apply them to the situations that affect all of us, every day. I look forward to sharing my Q&A with Prothero and more articles next week.


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