McDonald’s for Catholic pilgrims

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Twitter was down for most of my work day yesterday, which made me realize how much time I normally spend cruising through other people’s tweets: too much.

My feed is a mix of major news stories, observations from other reporters, hilarious one-liners and sports updates. It’s perfectly curated to me, and it’s an excellent distraction when I have writer’s block. However, it can also be a productivity killer and a major shot to the ego when someone you know shares an article that’s already been done on the topic you’re currently pursuing.

Although I love the site, I have to admit that it’s more like a high school cafeteria than a classroom. I go there to see gossip from other writers and to get the scoop on what’s going on in their part of the world. When Twitter was down, it felt like some of my coworkers had taken the day off or something.

By the end of my Friday, Twitter was back up and I had successfully organized an upcoming article in its absence. The weird day helped bring me clarity on how social media both helps and hurts my reporting process.


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The White Flight of Derek Black, The Washington Post

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