Atheist scholars

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Hey everybody and happy belated birthday to me!

I had a great week of work, which I spent finishing up an interesting project about how religion and social media interact and starting my next cover story, set to be published on Father’s Day. I also wrote a news roundup on the Justice Department’s decision to seek the death penalty in the Charleston church shooting case, linking it to my February article on how religious beliefs inform people’s view of the death penalty.

Although my team doesn’t directly cover politics, we like to link news from the ongoing presidential election to our other beats. I volunteered to investigate how infidelity-related accusations affect candidates’ chances, and I’ve loved my initial interviews. I hope to include new research on how people treat pastors who’ve cheated in my write-up.


‘Scientists in Synagogues’ – the new program that’s integrating science with faith

Why the University of Miami plans to hire a scholar of atheism

Why don’t more Americans ask faith leaders for advice?


Hollywood reworks Muslim stereotypes, Religion News Service

Killing Dylann Roof, The Atlantic

The world is getting more religious, because the poor go for God, The Guardian


I launched a new blog this week, where I’ll share life-related ramblings, book reviews and funny stories.


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