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This four-day week was all about fathers and faith, as I researched and then wrote my upcoming Father’s Day feature. I was able to tie together survey data with some real-life experiences, and I also made room for interesting sociological observations.

My team has shifted our focus lately to finding creative new ways to write articles, so I tried to throw out my old formulaic approach (think: snappy intro, thesis statement, three sections of arguments) and bring some fresh energy to this article. Coffee definitely helped get the ball rolling, and I think I struck a better balance in the Father’s Day article between anecdotes and scholarly wisdom. I can’t wait to share it!

In other news, this week I celebrated by second anniversary of moving to Utah and launching my career with the Deseret News. I’ve learned so much since I was a faith beat intern, and I’m excited to see what the next few years have in store for me!


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Evangelicals feel alienated, anxious amid declining clout, Associated Press

The sun is always shining in modern Christian pop, FiveThirtyEight


Here’s my cat, Marvin, showing very little respect for my creative process.




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