An archdiocese goes digital

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The faith beat welcomed me back from vacation with a wild Monday!

The Supreme Court issued a surprise decision in Zubik v. Burwell, a collection of cases in which faith-based nonprofits challenged the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate. Justices sent the cases back to the lower courts and urged compromise.

The whirlwind of interviews and research that followed went off without a hitch, a testament to how much I’ve learned since first studying up on the case in March. I survived a five-hour writing marathon and celebrated with my favorite salad and a magazine.

The rest of my week was much calmer. I made great progress on two upcoming articles about how the internet has affected our religious lives and rejoiced in the publication of my latest cover story. Enjoy!


Could going to church help you live longer?

Supreme Court sends birth control mandate challenge back to lower courts

What keeps believers from talking about their faith in public?

11 people share how they talk about faith in public


Making homes for the arts in sacred places, Faith & Leadership

Going totally digital, America Magazine

University of Miami establishes chair for the study of atheism, The New York Times


Shaman dreading another week of guiding tech CEOs to spiritual oneness, The Onion


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