Religion nerds in Nashville

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Greetings from Nashville! I’m in the midst of many drunk bachelorettes and cowboys learning how to be the best faith writer I can be.

The annual Religion News Conference is a highlight of my year. I meet Twitter friends in person, collect comments that may play a role in future articles and eat delicious food. Just today, I’ve heard Paula White (one of Trump’s evangelical advisers) speak, spilled eggs on a reporter from Kansas City and watched a clip of a movie about creationism (yikes.)

I’ve got about 9 hours left of this three-day extravaganza, so wish me luck keeping my energy up and finding more free coffee.


This is why a growing number of teachers want more lessons on religion in schools

‘Hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake’: Faith leaders react to Trump’s latest immigration decision

Churches sue FEMA for recovery money after Hurricane Harvey

Conservative Christians and religious ‘nones’ fear each other, but it’s more about politics than faith


Senators’ questions for judicial nominee lead to accusations of anti-Catholic bias, America

How Marcus Peters helped a family through the Muslim ban, The Ringer

All the president’s clergymen: A close look at Trump’s ‘unprecedented’ ties with evangelicals, Religion News Service


Nashville’s restaurants have been good to me. Here’s a picture of two eggs, bacon and diced onions on top of a hot dog. Don’t ask questions — just dig in!

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 12.05.04 PM


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