Satanic slip-ups

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I spent the week imagining life as a school teacher, as I pursued a project about efforts to increase the amount of religion-related lessons taught each year. Teachers are at risk of scandal, censure and embarrassment each time they attempt to teach the world’s religions, and yet they continue to dive in, confident that they’re helping their students be better citizens.

That attitude is the same one I bring with me into each new article project. Individual interviews and the writing process are filled with chances to screw up or fall short. But I stay focused on the idea that the final piece could help someone understand their community a little better or stop doing something harmful or make a new friend.


Why are Americans under 30 less supportive of religious freedom than other adults?

Nontheists struggle to have their voices heard on international religious freedom


Falsely accused of satanic horrors, a couple spent 21 years in prison, The Washington Post

Christian Comic-Con: The geeks shall inherit the earth, America

D. James Kennedy Ministries sues SPLC over hate map, Christianity Today


‘A new beginning’: Pagans celebrate total solar eclipse, Al Jazeera


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