Harry Potter as a sacred text

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Anger is all the rage right now.

Getting fired up is our new national past time, and it’s affecting people’s mental, physical and spiritual health. This was the thesis guiding my colleague, Jennifer Graham, as she proposed and pursued an article about the consequences of being an angry person. She found that rage raises blood pressure and even leads to heart attacks.

Jennifer was kind enough to share her anger-related ideas with me and I launched a companion piece on righteous anger, or the variety of wrath inspired by injustice. The essential question was: Is there a right way for religious people to get angry? I had fun with the project, and I hope you enjoy both articles!


Attorney general alludes to new religious freedom guidelines


Finding God at CrossFit, John Van Sloten for Religion News Service

How ‘The Bachelorette’ showed millions a different side of the Sikh faith, The Washington Post

Police chaplains take a stronger role in community policing, Associated Press

‘Harry Potter and the Sacred Text’ podcast draws non-believers who find meaning in magical fiction, The Washington Post


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