Shoutout to demon drawings

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Rather than spend a few paragraphs reflecting on a pretty quiet week, I’ll start this week’s newsletter with a movie recommendation.

My fiancé and I saw ‘The Big Sick” last Saturday after noticing its positive buzz. We’re both RomCom fans, so there was no reason to think we wouldn’t like it. In fact, we loved it. There were several laugh-out-loud moments, a realistic love story and many memorable Ray Romano lines.

My favorite part was how the film captured being the child of immigrants and learning to live life on your own terms. The main character has drifted away from his family’s Muslim faith, but he doesn’t want to upset his parents, so he still plays along. The movie made his personal struggle relatable, helping members of the audience understand the type of awkward coming-of-age experience millions of Americans have gone through.

It makes my heart so happy that movies like “The Big Sick” are being made and broadening people’s understanding of immigration and religion.


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