Catholicism at Cape Cod

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I had a dream last night about Bob Woodward, one of the journalists who broke the Watergate scandal. Although I’ve met Woodward and I interacted with him regularly when he was my professor for a semester, he’s never been in my dreams before.

In the dream, Woodward popped into a team meeting at work to admonish me for my vocabulary choices. I should stop trying to convince him that “still” belongs in serious articles, he said.

It was an incredibly weird reminder of the multiple neuroses that come along with a career in journalism. If you’re not worried about how one of your sources will react to an article, you’re dreaming about a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist handing you a thesaurus.


Supreme Court rules for church in high-profile religious freedom case

Supreme Court will hear case pitting rights of wedding businesses against LGBT community


In a small Cape Cod fishing town, Catholic culture on full display, America

Last-ditch effort aims to fill State Department job combating anti-Semitism, Religion News Service

Desperate for a cure, National Geographic

The Muslim prom queen and me, Romaissaa Benzizoune for The New York Times


Man searching Bible for part where it says that only Americans are made in God’s image, The Babylon Bee


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