Friend requests from nuns

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Yesterday marked three years since I started writing about religion full time. Quite appropriately, I had a huge article come out, which proceeded to get relatively lost in the chaos of a busy Friday.

Religion reporting is a tricky sell to some people. I once sat across from a man who said he skipped all faith stories, although he was a committed member of his church. Why? He didn’t see the benefit of reading about other people’s beliefs when he could stay focused on his own.

I’d like to change everyone’s mind who thinks like that, of course, but I do understand that growing numbers of Americans grow up feeling only anger and skepticism toward faith. What would motivate them to read my latest cover story on persecuted Christians?

I don’t have all the answers yet, but I’m thankful to be at the start of another year spent trying to figure them all out. Eat a slice of cheesecake in my honor this weekend!


Q&A: Finding Richard Nixon’s faith in the midst of scandal

How the U.S. fails Christians around the world


Cloistered nuns on Facebook: What’s not to like? Religion News Service

Robot priest unveiled in Germany to mark 500 years since Reformation, The Guardian

Who are the haters? CNN


A gift from my Twitter feed:

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