Religious freedom in the former USSR

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How’s 2017 treating you so far? I had a great week writing, researching and reading back through my 2016 work to prepare contest entries.

I focused on religious freedom news this week, but my schedule in the weeks to come will be much more varied. Catholic bishops, conflict resolution efforts, interfaith gatherings and illegal immigration will all get a share of my attention.

I’ll wrap up this week’s message with some exciting news: I’ll now be covering the local Salt Lake City faith beat in addition to writing features on national issues. I welcome the opportunity for more in-person interviews and out-of-office adventures.


The fate of religious freedom in the former USSR, 25 years after its collapse

Federal judge blocks Obamacare’s protections for transgender patients


When you’re the only one who shows up to church, Portland Press Herald

How a toy figure of Martin Luther sparked accusations of anti-Semitism, Religion News Service

Americans — not just liberals — have a religious literacy problem,


“Beware the power of Jesus’ name — for hackers,” writes Stephen Smith for Christianity Today.


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