Religion news: A year in review

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Happy (almost) New Year! I’m wrapping up 2016 by remembering the best articles I’ve written and read over the last 12 months.

The best stories I wrote

Finding God in one of science’s biggest debates — genetic editing

Don’t mess with the music: Why changing hymn lyrics can be dramatic

In heaven, will a blind man see? How Christians with disabilities imagine resurrection

Why faith communities should work to appeal to young and old alike

Birth control, faith-based partnerships and transgender bathrooms: Reflecting on Obama’s religious freedom legacy

The best stories I read

The unbelievable tale of Jesus’s wife, The Atlantic

Thou shalt work out, Outside

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Halal Guys, The Wall Street Journal

How the Berenstain Bears found salvation, The New York Times

I’m too sexy for my church: Will a thriving singles scene renew American Catholicism? Religion Dispatches

This is a good story about growing up evangelical, Laura Turner, Jezebel

Going totally digital, America

The secret costs of Islamophobia, CNN

This is the reason your insurance company calls blizzards an ‘act of God,’ The Washington Post

Death, the prosperity gospel and me, Kate Bowler, The New York Times

Are you in the mood for more lists?

Here’s the blog I wrote about the best books I read this year.



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