Hip hotels dump free Bibles

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Christmas is coming and there’s magic in the air — bringing lots of great story ideas my way! I wish it would also bring more time for me to actually write them.

This week, I spent what felt like a fleeting amount of office time researching faith-based responses to immigration reform, brainstorming Christmas stories and writing about my recent visit to a local mosque. There’s still a lot of work to do before I head out on a brief holiday weekend trip, but it’ll all come together (at least that’s what I tell myself.)

Stay warm this weekend and get your present shopping done!


Religious freedom and the defense spending bill: What happens next?

Local mosque hosts community Q&As, promotes open-door policy


More hotels are checking out of the Bible business, Los Angeles Times

What it was like as a Muslim to cover the election, Asma Khalid, NPR

Seminaries start Black Lives Matter courses, Religion News Service


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