Church, with a side of beer

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Hey everyone! I hope your Thanksgiving feasts were delicious and your Christmas present shopping is well under way.

This week’s newsletter has two of my pre-Thanksgiving projects, including the Q&A with Ambassador David Saperstein. I’m also excited to share my latest feature article: a look at a very dreamy Scottish wedding and what drives couples to plan religion-related destination weddings.

I’ve already got a long list of articles I hope to tackle before the New Year, including one about how religion popped up in movie theaters over the last 12 months. Has anyone seen ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ yet? I’ve heard nothing but good reviews.


Why teens leave the faith and what churches, families are doing about it

Q&A: Religious freedom ambassador reflects on work, looks toward future

Why some couples choose to be married at faraway sacred sites


Can a Christian school be both ethical and athletic? The Washington Post

If the U.S. had 100 people: Charting Americans’ religious beliefs and practices, Pew Research Center

I interviewed the Ohio State attacker on the first day of school, Kevin Stankiewicz, The Washington Post

Why church hymns are best sung in bars, The Atlantic


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