The biblical case for working women

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I was at a religious freedom conference for half of this week, rubbing elbows with people who are very fired up about the future of our country. One of the themes of the conference was helping people determine how to get involved in religious liberty legislation, and I’m hoping to pursue an article on that topic in the near future.

The conference was also the site of one of the silliest reporting blunders I’ve ever made. I had an interview scheduled for a Q&A, which means I was going to type out the transcript of the conversation and share it online. I couldn’t find a good, empty space at the conference center, so I went to my car for some privacy.

It turns out that sitting in a car without the air conditioning on doesn’t make for very good interview conditions. Twenty minutes in, I was coated in sweat, my computer was overheating and my interview recording software had a glitch. I nearly had a heart attack or cried or both, but, thanks to a gracious interviewee, I was still able to file the article. My advice: Never question the blessing of air conditioning.


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One of my fellow conference participants found the event a little less than stimulating…



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