Apocalypse adventures

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I felt this week like I was in danger of falling down a hole filled with think pieces about evangelical Christians and Donald Trump. They were everywhere, and it took a little extra energy to escape coverage of the 2016 election. (We all need a break sometimes.)

And so I focused on wrapping up my apocalypse adventure. The Brexit, or Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, provided a surprising third part to my series. Some Christians in Northern Ireland used biblical prophecy to argue for the “leave” vote, and others in the U.S. noted that the weakening of a European power should sound familiar to fans of the “Left Behind” series.

Enjoy my coverage of apocalyptic teachings in modern life, and think of me fondly when you check out the latest end-of-the-world thriller: “Independence Day: Resurgence.”

FRESH OFF THE PRESS FROM ME – Apocalypse edition

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Hey look! It’s my favorite picture on the internet.

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