Jesus’ wife

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I’m excited to share my article on fathers and faith, as well as one on infidelity-related accusations during election season. Both pieces made the front page of this week’s print edition, and I’m still smiling about the layout.

I also want to draw your attention to the first article in the Top Religion Reads section, “The unbelievable tale of Jesus’ wife.” It investigates the origin story of ‘The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife,’ a scrap of papyrus with Coptic text that was presented in 2012. Thanks to some truly amazing reporting, we all now know a little more about the fragment’s suspicious owner.

The article will take you more than 45 minutes to read, but it will be worth it, I swear! Curl up with a cup of coffee and the latest edition of The Atlantic and you’ll be well on your way to an awesome weekend.


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A father’s faith: How modern dads impact their children’s religious beliefs

Americans don’t like infidelity, but they may still vote for a cheater this year

How one journalist exposed the unbelievable origin of ‘The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’


The unbelievable tale of Jesus’ wife, The Atlantic

What I learned about faith from watching my father die, David Briggs, Christianity Today

Colleges should be nurturing interfaith leaders, Eboo Patel, The Chronicle of Higher Education


I worked from home on Tuesday and tried to keep my cool while wrestling two ornery cats. Here’s my blog about the experience.


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