Reasons to celebrate: Reformation Day and Halloween

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Journalism is an exhausting profession. There are new challenges to face each week. Interviews cancelled. Photos to schedule. Deadlines on the horizon. Unexpected announcements from President Trump.

Every once in a while, I try to ignore the daily chaos and think about the long-term. What big projects have I completed in the last few months? Who’s become a new Twitter friend? How did I push through this level in the past?

I had a great moment like that this week, as my team celebrated the launch of our series on the Reformation. I was excited to share the video I helped produce, which represents one of the times this year I’ve gotten out of my journalistic comfort zone. I’ve learned to write scripts, build interactive timelines, write columns and review books in the last 10 months. These new adventures renewed my energy and helped me grow.


Why faith keeps some families from embracing Halloween

Q&A: Why church-state separation is good for churches

Video: Why rituals still matter


The rise of halal cuisine in an age of Islamophobia, NPR

Flake’s speech bore marks of Mormon faith, not just politics, The New York Times

Astros chaplain: Play for God and pray to win, Christianity Today


Here are some of Martin Luther’s theses that didn’t make the final cut, Steve Etheridge and Adam Levine, senior writers at ClickHole


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