Wedding cakes, cowboys and Mike Huckabee, oh my!

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My whirlwind week included wrapping up a cover story on little-known legal documents, interviewing former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and writing a column about witnessing the NFL anthem protests in person. I’m pooped!

That column was a surprise assignment, suggested by one of my editors when he found out I was on a quick getaway to Green Bay, Wisconsin. With his encouragement, I perked my ears up around other fans, hoping to get a taste of what non-players felt about linking arms during the National Anthem.

Although it didn’t make the formal reflection, one of my favorite discoveries during that short reporting adventure was a man standing near one of the Lambeau Field entrances, offering to talk to people about Islam. His Meet-a-Muslim sign was a quiet reminder that religion-related issues are everywhere, even when we’d prefer to focus on football.


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