Maybe God interferes with football after all

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As people around the world tune in to the drama of President Trump’s major overseas trip, I’m still celebrating the opportunity to write about the significance of his upcoming rendezvous with Pope Francis. I explored the history of U.S.-Vatican relations and reflected on how the president benefits from being on good terms with the pope, with the help of three former ambassadors to the Holy See and some other knowledgeable Catholics.

Speaking of ambassadors, the White House officially announced our newest Vaticanista yesterday. Callista Gingrich, wife of Newt, has been put forth for final vetting. She’s a devout Catholic and helped created two documentaries on Pope John Paul II, but the selection still surprised some. Gingrich’s resume pales in comparison to the background of other recent ambassadors, who had theology degrees or years of experience in the world of international politics.

I won’t be writing an article on the announcement, but I wanted to note a few interesting tidbits that I collected during my broader Vatican research. For example, I learned that many people think we should mix things up with a Protestant ambassador to the Holy See. The thinking is that an outsider of sorts could, in some ways, be more effective. Also, one scholar confirmed that an assignment at the Vatican is widely seen as a cushy role. Who wouldn’t want to attend services at St. Peter’s and have dozens of gelato stands within a few miles of you at all times?


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This week, I’m happy to recommend a spooky new show called “The Keepers.” Over seven episodes (available on Netflix), it explores the disappearance and murder of Sister Cathy, a Baltimore nun. Think “Making a Murderer” with a religion angle.


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