Wednesday is the new Sunday. Hadn’t you heard?

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My other life as an avid basketball fan has left me sad and sleepy this morning. I was at a Utah Jazz game until after 11 p.m., where I watched my team fail to clinch their playoff series.

However, putting together my newsletter this morning has put some pep back into my step. My busy week and a few very early mornings resulted in important articles about international religious freedom, tiny homes and the relationship between personal faith and education. I’ve had several conversations with my boss over the last few days about how to keep important issues like religious violence on readers’ minds, and I’m excited to try some new article strategies in the coming months.

Enjoy this line-up of links, and be sure to cheer for the Jazz tomorrow afternoon. They need all the help they can get!


Do college campuses put students’ faith at risk?

Russia now ranks among the worst violators of religious freedom. Can the U.S. fix the problem?

The trendy way faith leaders are saving the homeless


For many overbooked Christian families, Wednesday is the new Sunday, The Minnesota Star Tribune

These monks saved their abbey by protecting the Earth, National Geographic

The pope is coming to the Middle East. But Christians are heading for the exits, Los Angeles Times


Inmate argues religious duty to deal heroin; appeal fails, Associated Press


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