Adultery articles and Easter greetings

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This week marked the release of our fourth annual Ten Today series at the Deseret News. I’ve been part of three of these projects, which explore how the Ten Commandments interact with modern life.

This year, we focused on adultery, releasing three articles on how cheating affects romantic, professional and other personal relationships. I was thrilled to write two of the pieces, including the main story on how the internet changed cheating.

Thou shalt not commit adultery. But what if thou doesn’t know what adultery is?

Do Americans still care if public figures have affairs?

These articles stretched my creative powers, allowing me to venture a bit outside the normal realm of the faith beat. They also helped me make Drudge Report for the first time, which is a weird (and exciting?) development.

Enjoy the series and have a great Easter weekend!


How the Reformation changed Easter

Salt Lake Christians prepare for Easter with annual Good Friday walk


When conservatives oppose religious freedom, The Atlantic

For Alabama Christians, Governor Bentley’s downfall is a bitter blow, The New York Times

Religious groups help transform addiction from moral failure to treatable disease, The Tennessean


Crucified man had prior run-in with authorities, Alexandra Petri


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