From the science lab to the seminary

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I’ll make this note short and sweet, because I’ve listed lots of great articles for you to enjoy with your Saturday brunch.

I’m trying not to drown in a tidal wave of Catholic news, as Salt Lake City prepares to welcome our new bishop during a ceremony on Tuesday. The installation serve is predicted to span 2.5 hours, which will be a new record for me in terms of sitting still. Wish me luck collecting lots of interesting, sensory details and using Catholic vocabulary correctly. I can’t wait!


Want to better understand the world you live in? Try studying religion

How some Christians prepare their hearts and stomachs for Lent

Hatch joins Jewish rabbis in seeking return of sacred texts held by Russia


Roundtable: Muslim members of the sports media on discrimination, faith, Twitter and more, Sports Illustrated

Betsy DeVos’s misunderstood Alma Mater, The Atlantic

As funds invoke Bible values, others see intolerance, The New York Times

Why a Yale neuroscientist decided to change careers — and is now becoming a priest, The Washington Post


Notice anything different about the Last Supper? Thanks for the laugh, Unvirtuous Abbey!

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.46.12 PM


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