Praying in public

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I’m writing this week from Washington, D.C., where I’ve been since Wednesday for the annual meeting of the Religion News Association. The RNA conference is one of the highlights of working on the faith beat, because it enables reporters to bond with one another as we hear new article ideas and writing tips and tricks.

In the last few days, I’ve had the opportunity to think about immigration, feminism, foreign policy and a variety of other topics through the lens of faith. I’ve jotted down at least a dozen potential article titles and exchanged many more business cards. Most of all, I’ve been reminded of what a joy it is to cover religion in the U.S. and how impossible it would be to write about every interesting topic, even if I churned out five pieces a day.

Tomorrow, I’ll head west with my fresh supply of books, business cards and info sheets. I’ll wrap up an article related to my Rome trip and get started on my analyses of upcoming research studies. But most of all, I’ll reflect on another amazing RNA conference and be thankful for my incredible colleagues.


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