Chasing eternity

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My cubicle at work is covered in post-it notes because I like to write down inspirational thoughts. They bring me comfort when I’m plagued with writer’s block or sweating another round of edits.

I’ve been considering adding a post-it with a phrase about heaven: “Eternity is already in session.” The quote comes from someone who says heaven isn’t a faraway place. Instead, it’s part of the here and now, and we bring it to light by being our best selves.

Those five words capture how I feel about my career. I’m still a rookie on the faith beat, as I mentioned last week, but I approach each article like it’s being judged on a grand scale. “Eternity is already in session” becomes “Your reputation is already at stake.

This mentality leads to some lost sleep and tears, but also to good work. By believing that the ultimate judges of faith writing are already watching, I keep myself honest.

I credit that approach with earning me some awesome recognition this week. The faith beat blog, Get Religion, praised my coverage of state-level religious freedom legislation, which made the hours I spent writing and revising that story feel worth it. I had an iced coffee to celebrate and then got back to work!

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