Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Today, my Facebook feed is full of the claims of a competitive bunch of Millennials who can’t imagine a mother as perfectly superb as their own. Though superlatives are the stuff of my everyday speech, this post isn’t about saying that Marsha Dallas is the best, the strongest, the “est”-iest of all the world’s moms. It’s about saying Thank You to her for being mine.

As Marsha’s only daughter, I have the honor of being her other half in a family of photocopied progeny. I am reminded of that fact regularly, especially now, in her post-90’s hair phase, that she seems to be growing younger each year rather than older. Image

Marsha Dallas may not actually be the twenty-first century’s Benjamin Button, but, at least in my world, she is still the stuff of legend. After years of making fun of her for having crazy friends, it struck me today that she may be the wildest of them all, the exact role model I need as I prepare for a summer of early twenties adventures.

And so, this Mother’s Day, I feel it is my duty to share a few Marsha Dallas life lessons with the world, mythologizing the woman I am so lucky to call my mom:

  • Save EVERYTHING. About to throw away that button that fell off your favorite shirt? Why would you do that when there is a stuffed drawer just open enough to drop it in? Someday you’ll finally take up that art project you’ve been planning and that button will be the perfect fit for a bunny’s eye. My childhood home holds the potential for unimaginable levels of creative expression.
  • TREAT yo’self. Long before Parks & Rec made this phrase famous, Marsha Dallas made it clear that any good day deserves a stop at McDonald’s for a drive-thru latte.
  • SAVOR everything to a maddening degree. Half-finished snack-size Snickers on the kitchen room table? No, that’s not trash my friend. That’s the genius of Marsha Dallas. Never underestimate the decadence of a single bite of a chocolate chip cooke.
  • Crank the volume UP. If your own vision of relaxation after a long day involves playing Bejeweled Blitz, then by all means let those lasers be heard. No annoyed husband can control this gamer. “It’s more fun when I can hear it!”
  • Find a good deal? BUY BUY BUY! There’s simply nothing wrong with owning the same shirt in several colors. And at $7 each, you’d be crazy not to take advantage.
  • You can NAP if you want to. In the middle of a movie with your beloved daughter? No matter. It’s late! You deserve some shut eye.
  • SING your heart out in a very specific way. Invite Marsha to karaoke and you’ll get “Amie” by Pure Prairie League or nothing at all. “You see I thought that I might keep you for my own” indeed.
  • CAPTURE life’s special moments on camera. Someone needs to selfie that excellent outfit or share that sassy Kindergartener’s cowboy boots.
  • Be the BOSS of your own life. Do what you want; eat what you want. Over twenty-five years ago you told your husband you didn’t like to cook and, frankly, who can turn down those Culver’s specials?
  • Cultivate the CRAZY in others. Love in a way that leaves others the freedom to turn their misadventures into a marvelous life.

I’ve spent an almost unbearable amount of time away from my mom this year. But she’s always with me, whether in these silly lessons or over our near-constant stream of text messages. She’s been with me during all the worst and best moments of my life, adding levity to times of tears and anchoring me to reality when my adventures are getting off course.

It doesn’t take a special day for me to admit to all that I owe my mom, but it is nice to join my own voice to the thousands of other public proclamations.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it is almost time for a very important Skype date with my momma.



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