An incredible discovery and message, courtesy of my mom!

Everyday Ambassador

Today’s post comes from Abby Gerdts, the Director of International Programs at Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP), a nonprofit that provides arts education and empowerment programs for under-served youth. ASTEP’s mission is to connect performing and visual artists with underserved youth in the US and around the world to awaken their imaginations, foster critical thinking, and help them break the cycle of poverty. Prior to her current role at ASTEP, Abby spent three years building arts programming for organizations working with refugee populations in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Everyday Ambassador’s notion that service is a two-way street is profoundly important for those who truly “want to leave the world a better place”. The self-awareness that is acquired by listening to and learning from the community you work with is paramount in the non-profit and service sectors. There are two determinants to the success of an individual’s service work: their ability to…

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