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What I talk about when I [don’t] talk about God

Today I received feedback on my final sermon for preaching class. It was positive overall, though the professor ended on a comment that embodies the kind of criticism I’ve grown to fear as a Presbyterian layperson in the midst of future Preachers. She wrote, “While I am delighted to see such an improvement in your […]

Uncertain Engagement

I spent the past year representing a rare breed at YDS. Though enrolled in the Master of Arts in Religion program, I have no intention of pursuing a doctoral degree. Though I have attended church services each Sunday for most of my life, I do not seek to enter formal ministry. My fellow students do […]

Lobster and Learning about Religion

This time last week I was up to my elbows in butter, crushing a crustacean’s exoskeleton with a nut cracker and debating the merits of saving the claw for last. I tackled my very first lobster and it was a gourmet experience unlike any I have known before. When our waitress delivered my lobster, I […]

A girl who belonged wherever she was

The weight of certain decisions has been known to overwhelm me, though not in an all-at-once, crushing defeat. It has always been a slow decay, a creeping suspicion that I have strayed off course, that I have forgotten what I mean to be working toward. You could compare this feeling to the editing process within […]

Bless our crummy little hearts.

This past Sunday, I laughed along with the hundred or so other people filling the pews at New Canaan’s First Presbyterian Church as the pastor read a poem by Richard Newman entitled Bless Their Hearts. In it, Newman makes fun of way we often think handing out heart blessings serves as a cover-all for the […]

Your truth and mine, and everything in between

It’s laughable really that I’ve staked my career in religion journalism thus far on a claim that I can be more objective than those who have come before. More insightful, more decisive. That I will write from outside of situations, while remaining ever true to the people inside of them. It’s laughable because I’ve spent […]

Revisiting Romney and his vision of hope

Monday night, Mitt Romney closed the third and final presidential debate by telling the American people that he has what it takes to protect and restore this great nation, which, in his estimation, serves as the hope of the earth. Though rhetorically powerful, there is reason to pause over this notion that the decision we […]

“We can’t be comfortable”

Sitting in her office at New Haven’s First Presbyterian Church, Maria LaSala seems much like the many other Presbyterian ministers I’ve met in my life. She has pictures scattered about from various important moments in her career, a large collection of books filling the shelves that line one wall and is quick to tell stories […]