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Give Us This Day Our Daily Latte

Give Us This Day Our Daily Latte Here is the link to my latest (and silliest) blog that marked my debut on HuffPost College. I love all the great responses I got about this just-for-fun piece.

A Prayer Among Friends

a poem by John Daniel “Among other wonders of our lives, we are alive with one another, we walk here in the light of this unlikely world that isn’t ours for long. May we spend generously the time we are given. May we enact our responsibilities as thoroughly as we enjoy our pleasures. May we […]

Are you there iPhone? It’s me, Kelsey.

Woken up again by 5 a.m. demons, it was the iPhone on my bedside table I reached for and not to God in prayer. For what do now-I-lay-me-down-to-sleeps mean to someone who can sift through twilight tweets and instagrammed images of star-filled skies? An ever-present God has been replaced by an over-stimulating pocket-sized piece of […]