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This one’s for the feelers

As a student at Yale Divinity School, I am more aware of emotions than the average graduate student. We divinity students are feelers. We spend hours discussing the proper way to self-care and entire semesters determining which tone of voice is best suited to ask the tough questions. Our obsession with emotion may seem a […]

The best stories sneak up on us

At the end of a recent interview, my interviewee, a seasoned journalist himself, asserted that I’d forgotten to ask the most important question of all. Never one to take criticism well, I eyed him skeptically, and replayed the last hour in my mind, guaranteeing that we’d touched on all of my article’s most important themes. […]

The untold story of African AIDS relief

The (award-winning) untold story of African AIDS relief Pleased to share a freelance piece I wrote with Eveline Chikwanah, a Zimbabwean journalist, about the intersection of religion and AIDS relief in Africa. We found out yesterday that we were awarded honorable mention in a joint reporting contest through the International Center for Journalists. Yippee!

Your truth and mine, and everything in between

It’s laughable really that I’ve staked my career in religion journalism thus far on a claim that I can be more objective than those who have come before. More insightful, more decisive. That I will write from outside of situations, while remaining ever true to the people inside of them. It’s laughable because I’ve spent […]